Sir Captain Tom

MBRC is joining in with Marlow Wombles Saturday 1st to 3rd May for 100 bags for Captain Tom

As part of the MBRC local Project Partners programme, MBRC is delighted to be able to join in and support a local initiative by Marlow Wombles which is running 1st to 3rd May. 
Marlow Wombles would like the Marlow Community to join them in the ‘100 challenge’ set by Sir Captain Tom Moore’s family.  Members of MBRS will be out in Marlow on 1st May.
The challenge Marlow Wombles have set is to pick 100 bags as a litter picking community over Bank Holiday weekend.  Please pick as much or little as you can. If you would prefer to litter pick with others, let Marlow Wombles know and something can be arranged.
Marlow Wombles have council bags and some litter pickers you can have for a donation. Some of that money will go to the Tom Moore charity.  Please remember to post a picture of your bag you have filled or of you litter picking to the Marlow Wombles Facebook page below – please note these photos may be shared so if you are litter picking with children, feel free to hide their faces.
We all need 100 photos for this event, please get in touch with Marlow Wombles if you would like to get involved.
Facebook event page –

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