reasons to Join Marlow Bridge Rotary Club

Making a difference to your community

We are delighted to have various community projects and community support activities and some more that are being planned. Support across the community is going to be so crucial as we come through these continually challenging times.

We are driving forward the development of our progressive, project based, multi-generational club for the local community, which is all backed by Rotary. We wish to continue to grow the club further and develop our associations with many other clubs, organisations, businesses and individuals.
reasons to Join Marlow Bridge Rotary Club

Who can join?

MBRC is the newest of three rotary clubs in Marlow. It is run by members as volunteers and would like to hear from more people, organisations and businesses who would like to be actively involved in the club and its various local community projects.

So that we can help the local community more through the various projects and other support that we provide, we wish to keep on growing MBRC. As a club, we are all very enthusiastic to see what we can do for the community, and we have such a great opportunity in bringing all of us together, whilst having an enjoyable time as well. Our club has always enjoyed having a mixed membership and currently our ages range from mid twenties right through the generations – so MBRC is from Baby Boomers to Gen Z!

To help develop the club to support our community even more, we wish to grow the MBRC and are delighted to welcome new members from across the local community.
Who can join Rotary
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reasons to Join Marlow Bridge Rotary Club

How do I join?

It is all very simple and straight-forward. Please attend one of our Community Open Meetings, which are ‘open to all’ and normally held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. These meetings allow you to find out more about our local community club, we shall let you know all about our local activities, our projects and how we support the Marlow community and local area. We run our own project called Making Marlow Dementia Friendly, plus we have Project Partners in such as One can trust, Marlow Wombles, Marlow Energy Group, Chiltern Rangers and End Plastic Soup. We also help support and interact with a growing range of local organisations such as other Rotary Clubs, Marlow Library, Marlow Medical Group, Marlow Town Council and Buckinghamshire Council. Plus we support the developing national partnership between Rotary and Carers UK.

After the Community Open Meeting, we would talk to you about how you would like to support the club’s activities, plus how membership of MBRC might look particularly for you. It is definitely not ‘one size fits all’ at our club – it’s more about focusing on what you would like to do and able to do for the club, your particular experience, interests, skills and expertise and how we can all work together to help us take MBRC forward.

We would then suggest that you attend a Club Meeting, normally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. At these meetings, we speak about taking the projects and our club’s other initiatives further forward, we discuss other ideas that we may all have, to help new attendees find out more about MBRC and of course for us all to get to know each other better. We also plan our various activities including the club’s social activities!

If all agreed between us, then we would ask you to submit a short, easy to complete application form, which once approved leads to a simple induction into membership of Rotary, which normally takes place at the following MBRC meeting.
reasons to Join Marlow Bridge Rotary Club

What are the benefits?

We are a project based club, also with community initiatives and support activities. As a result, we offer a wide range of options in how members can get involved in the club – Members can offer as little or as much as they wish to contribute. We are backed by Rotary, which gives us great support and structure to help us move our projects, activities and the club itself forward. Locally, we also have the support of the two other Rotary Clubs in Marlow and work closely with other Rotary Clubs, plus a very wide range of other organisations, businesses and individuals across Marlow and beyond.

We also have our Rotary District to support us, through almost 60 clubs in our District 1090, which then leads onto Rotary UK & Ireland and ultimately Rotary International So, in addition to the great opportunities to help and assist in our own club as you wish, Rotary also offers a wealth of benefits and opportunities to our members, who join an international organisation with a deep history of well over 100 years.
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Our club’s trailblazer community support project is Make Marlow Dementia Friendly (MMDF) where individuals, companies and organisations including the Council, Banks, shops, restaurants and a wide range of organisations and private individuals have become more aware of the needs of people with dementia through presentations, publicity and involvement. Many in the area have attended MMDF presentations or undergone Dementia Friends Information sessions to raise awareness and support. As our current President, Paul Bolton noted “This is the perfect example of how people with a common goal can be successful. We want to put the knowledge and expertise of our Rotary Club members and resources to work with our project partners so we can all focus on developing the projects for the benefit of the local community in many ways. We have such a great opportunity to help, particularly as such a crucial time as we start to come out of the C-19 Pandemic and beyond. We are enthusiastic to see what we can do for the community, whilst having an enjoyable time as Rotary Club Members as well!”

So please do make contact so we can talk through how you may be able to help MBRC and how we and Rotary can welcome you into our quickly developing local community club. We shall be delighted to speak with you….
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