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End Plastic Soup

The End Plastic Soup campaign started in 2018 in the Rotary Clubs of Amsterdam and has spread to Rotary Clubs  to many countries throughout the world, including the UK.  Rotary’s End Plastic Soup is truly international, with regular meetings and a very active WhatsApp group, bringing together ideas and projects from all over the world.  These projects are often in partnership with other national and international organisations.               


Projects around the world include river and lake clean ups from Mexico to Holland, Philippines to South Africa Russia to Italy. We are currently establishing our own action group in the Thames Valley.  In 2022 we are starting the Thames Valley clean up – identifying the source of pollution and working with other interested groups, disposing of the rubbish in an environmental way and increasing public awareness of the problem.

End Plastic Soup is a Rotary initiative to solve the global plastic problem, by taking action with the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. By End Plastic Soup, we include the visible bottles and other large detritus; but also the micro plastics which have an alarming, albeit unseen impact on our daily lives. We use micro plastics in so many products from face cream, detergents, tea bags to fertilisers. We also create micro plastics with tyre wear and washing clothes.


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