A Marlow Bridge Rotary Project

Making Marlow Dementia Friendly

On 09 October 2018, we started what become Making Marlow Dementia Friendly (MMDF). Our initial main aim was to the catalyst for change in the local understanding of dementia and the provision of support…


We quickly went on to formalise our specific aims to help us create greater awareness and knowledge of Dementia in Marlow.  We held Dementia awareness events (in person and then on-line), training and building upon support from a wide range of individuals, organisations and businesses across the whole Marlow community and beyond into Buckinghamshire and further afield.

Making Marlow Dementia Friendly

Our achievements:

  • ​Our work in MMDF included increasing awareness of dementia in the community through holding many Dementia Friends Information (DFI) sessions, for individuals, businesses and organisations, along with a range of other events.
  • ​We helped create over 50 Dementia Champions to go out into their communities, especially Marlow, to deliver more DFI sessions and help as ‘local ambassadors’
  • Participated in many local events such as Love Marlow, May Fayre, Marlow Carnival & Late Night Shopping
  • Started a project with Buckinghamshire Council to offer Virtual Dementia Experiences within a specialist vehicle and were delighted to support The Council in taking the tour onto other towns in Bucks.
  • Helped set up a central public information contact point at Marlow Library
  • Received support from many wonderful organisations including Marlow Town Council, other Councils, local shops, various community groups, hotels, restaurants and numerous businesses
  • During the C-19 crisis, with the core MMDF Steering Committee meeting each week on-line, we completely changed the MMDF model to match the new situation.  We provided regular friendly calls from our team of local volunteers to check general welfare, offer practical help (including the collection of shopping or prescriptions) as well as signposting to a wealth of professional information and assistance, including a care helpline and 3 very detailed and far-reaching MMDF Information Guides.

At MMDF, since we started the project, we are exceptionally proud of the changes  in many areas of Marlow in connection with awareness of dementia and the support for people living with dementia, their families and carers.  

MMDF is developing into a wider project and more details will be issued soon…

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