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Marlow Energy Group

Marlow Energy Group (MEG) was founded in early 2020 and is a ‘not for profit’ Community Benefit Society run by volunteers with the following objectives. Make Marlow a net zero carbon town Facilitate knowledge exchange, effective networking and collaboration Develop/invest in renewable energy schemes Support local community share ownership and opportunities for local businesses.

MEG’s strategy is motivated by the climate crisis and urgent need for humanity to reduce man-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. It is also fully consistent with the Town Council’s ambition for Marlow to become net zero carbon. We would like to set a date of 2030 by the latest to achieve net zero carbon. This is based on science, not political expediency. In Marlow and surrounding Parishes, MEG intends to help individuals, householders, schools and businesses, plus religious, public and community organisations, to generate renewable energy and reduce energy use.

Marlow energy Group

Looking after our environment

The Environment is a key focus of Rotary overall. Marlow Bridge Rotary Club is keen to support and promote MEG’s activities and the ‘Ask the Experts’ presentations to help in such a key part of the future for Marlow. For more information on MEG visit our website.

Marlow energy group
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