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Marlow is often described as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the River Thames. Its riverside location and its position on the edge of the Chiltern Hills has attracted people for centuries. So it is no surprise that it has an extensive, if not obvious, history extending over many generations with fascinating periods ranging from prehistory to world wars and occupations from light industry to the arts.


One very good way to investigate such topics or to find illustrations of relevant subjects is to visit the local history centre, Marlow Museum, sited by Court Garden Leisure Centre in Pound Lane, Marlow, SL7 2AE. It is ideally located in Higginson Park with cafes and car Parking (P&D) nearby and shops within a few minutes walk.


The Museum is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons plus Bank Holidays and at other times by special request. Entry is free although having to meet all its running and exhibition costs donations, however large or small, are appreciated. It is managed and run entirely by volunteers who are pleased to welcome residents or visitors to the town. In the Summer outdoor events are often held and the museum has an outreach programme of visits to Schools and Care Homes, etc.

Marlow Museum

History of Marlow

Since occupying the Peacock Room at Court Garden for over 12 years the museum has held many exhibitions and displays. Subjects have included; famous people, buildings, the river, the railway, wildlife and so on. Currently it features ‘The Story of Marlow’ over 5,000 years. In addition the museum has artefacts of local and wider interest several of which are to be seen on the museum website – under ‘Objects in Focus’.


The museum is currently at a turning point in its position in the community. It seeks to expand and to develop public awareness. Further to improve its quality status by working towards Accreditation. It is a member of the ‘Association of Independent Museums’ as well belonging to Bucks county museum and tourism networks. The Marlow Museum is Dementia Friendly, associates with many local organisations including Marlow Bridge Rotary Club.


More details and up to date information can be found on the Marlow Museum website.

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