Marlow Wombles
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Marlow Wombles

Marlow Wombles (MW) was set up in 2018 by Emma Hawkins who was determined to Make Marlow Marvellous by helping to clear unsightly litter found in and around the town. A small group of like-minded individuals set about organising regular litter picks and came up with ideas for brightening up residential streets.

These activities improve the look of the town and enhance the well-being of those involved by providing exercise, opportunities to socialise as well as developing a pride in the community. MW have organised litter picks with other groups, including Globe Park, SoftCat, the Brownies and participants in the Duke of ​Edinburgh Award scheme.
Marlow Wombles

Looking after Marlow's environment

Recent projects include ‘Bin the Butt’ where local businesses were encouraged to provide outside cigarette butt bins; The Great Big September Clean and currently Ditch the Disposables, providing good quality cloth masks as an alternative to disposable ones.
MW are constantly looking for ways to engage with and encourage the local community to take care of Marlow together. Marlow Bridge Rotary Club has worked in collaboration with MW to give practical assistance and promotion.

More details can be found on Marlow Wombles Facebook page.

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