Marlow energy group

Marlow Energy Group – one of MBRC’s Project Partners

A talk being hosted by Marlow Energy Group (MEG)

  • MEG is a Project Partner to MBRC and you are invited to a talk by Martin Fry, a semi-retired energy consultant, focusing on the demand side, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Martin is The Honorary President of the Energy Services and Technology Association, ESTA, which has the EnCO project, Energy Conscious Organisation Scheme, where organisations, whose staff are fully engaged with reducing energy use, can be certified.
  • In addition, he is the Convener of a Working Group in Brussels on Behaviour Change in organisations, engaging all European countries.
  • Martin is also Chair of the British Standards Institute, BSI, Committee on Energy Management Standards.  
    The lead here is ISO 50001 on Energy Management.

The link to the event at 7pm on Monday the 22nd on November – MEG Talk 22/11/21 on Zoom

For more information on MEG visit

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