End Plastic Soup

MBRC Community Open Evening Tuesday 26 January

All are welcome to attend and the event will include a talk by Brian Jonson of Marlow Rotary Club, an ambassador club for End Plastic Soup project.

The End Plastic Soup campaign started in 2018 in the Rotary Clubs of Amsterdam and has spread to Rotary Clubs in other countries, including  the UK. In 2021 End Plastic Soup will become a Rotary Action Group making it truly International!

Brian’s talk starts with the massive pollution of the River Thames with plastic waste and micro-plastics, then looks at the global issue and considers how we can all act to END PLASTIC SOUP! Fitting in very well with the local community basis of Marlow Bridge Rotary Club, this will be our 4th project supporting the local environment.

We shall also be giving updates on all the various projects that Marlow Bridge Rotary Club runs and how you can join in to help…

Click here to register – End Plastic Soup Meeting 26-01-21

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