Visitors’ Meeting 7pm 13 July

Marlow Bridge Rotary Club is ‘Rotary With A Difference’.

Through project based activities, our multi-generational members proudly support activities and organisations in Marlow and the local surrounding area.

  • We push out the boundaries!

  • We now need to push out the boundaries even further as more and more organisations are now seeking  our support.

  • To provide this, we need you, with your enthusiastic energy and ability.

  • Please come along and get a taste of what we’ve achieved in the town, how we do it, when we do it and, very importantly, how we fit everything in amidst the fun and laughter.

  • Also, meet our new President for 2021 - 2022, Annie Roy-Barker

Please register below to take advantage of the opportunity to join our visitors’ meeting, July 13th, 19.00, let loose your enthusiasm and kick start your enterprising ideas

Click here to book for 13 July 2021 at 7pm

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