Women of the Year Lunch 2021

Women of the Year is an annual lunch and celebrates the achievements of four hundred and fifty specially chosen women from across the UK and around the world who are doing remarkable work and making a difference to others.  It recognises women whose exceptional efforts today are paving the way for the women of tomorrow.

Gillian Pearce, a member of Marlow Bridge Rotary Club, was one of the 2021 Women of the Year, nominated for the work she did as a Rotarian and a maternity governance midwife. Gillian has led a Vocational Training Team to teach emergency birth skills which has included midwives and paediatrician from the Trust to Kamuli Mission Hospital and Ngora Freda Carr which are in Uganda. The team has trained over 2000 health professionals and there has been a reduction in maternal deaths and neonatal deaths because of the training done.

However, during the COVID Pandemic, Gillian was actively raising funds for Christmas Hampers for pregnant women with complex needs dressed as Ratty from Wind in the Willows and trying to walk along the Thames Pathway whilst complying with the rules of Lockdown. Gillian liaises with local voluntary services which resulted in baby clothes, nappies, toiletries for women in need but also twiddle muffs for people with dementia being provided to the Trust. Developing people to achieve more and patient safety is something Gillian actively promotes but she does try to ensure that it is sustainable.

For Gillian, the recognition was an unexpected and overwhelming honour, to be in a room of women who have achieved so much and changed so many lives was an experience she will never forget.

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